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        NYSE closing bell

        Ringing in 150 Years

        Here at Campbell, we think 150 years has a nice ring to it. That’s why our 150th anniversary included ringing The Closing Bell? at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where we’ve been listed since 1954!

        On October 7, we signaled the end of the day’s trading and continued our celebration of 150 years as a company. Our CEO, Mark Clouse, was joined by employees from across the company, including Camden, NJ; Maxton, NC; Napoleon, OH; and Paris, TX. It was an honor to commemorate our 150 years of successful business and innovation.

        For a century and a half, we’ve been proud to have a place at your kitchen table. And we’re ready for what’s next.

        Read more about our 150th anniversary and follow along on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #Campbell150.

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