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        Campbell HQ


        Here at Campbell, we believe that our commitment to inclusion and diversity is key to building our winning team. That’s why we’re proud to be recognized for gender diversity on our Board of Directors.

        Three leading organizations – the Executive Women of New Jersey, the Forum of Executive Women and the Women’s Forum of New York – have recently honored us for having four women on our Board of Directors.

        “Inclusion and diversity are deeply important to our business, and to me personally,” says Mark Clouse, our President and Chief Executive Officer.

        In fact, the first woman to serve on our Board dates back to 1961, when Campbell acquired Pepperidge Farm. Margaret Rudkin, the founder of Pepperidge Farm, became the first woman to serve on Campbell’s Board.

        It’s this longstanding commitment to diversity that makes these awards so meaningful.

        The Forum of Executive Women honored us as a “Champion of Board Diversity,” for having a Board of Directors of at least 30 percent women. We were one of 17 companies from the Greater Philadelphia region that received this honor at the Forum’s annual leadership breakfast in October. Our company is also included in the Forum’s 2019 Women in Leadership Report, an annual review of the status of women leaders in top area public companies.

        In addition, the Executive Women of New Jersey named us one of 26 public companies statewide on its “A Seat at the Table” Honor Roll for having “made a significant impact on gender diversity by appointing three or more women” to our corporate Board. Check out the full 2019 list.

        The Women’s Forum of New York also recently announced that we will be one of the honorees at their upcoming Breakfast of Corporate Champions. The award is in recognition of companies that are leading the way on gender diversity with at least 30% of board seats held by women.

        We’re proud of our long history of diversity on our Board of Directors. Learn more about our Board of Directors, including the women who currently serve on the Board.